In case of cancellation or non-confirmation of the appointment by Contact Doctor due to any reasons, three options are available to the consumer :

He/She may ask for rescheduling the appointment with the specialist doctor.

He/She may claim a refund of the advance payment.

The advance payment may be added as credit in the account of the consumer and be adjusted in due course for future consultations.

In case the consumer misses or cancels the appointment, he shall not be entitled to any refund.

In case the consumer's credit card/debit card/payment account has been accidentally overcharged, please notify Contact Doctor of the same at the earliest. In case of over-charging, the consumer has the following options: He may claim a refund of the outstanding amount. In such a scenario, Contact Doctor shall make all endeavors to refund the amount within 7-14 working days. The outstanding amount may also be credited to the account of the consumer so as to be adjusted in future consultations of himself or of any other person.

The refund shall be made by e-banking or by demand draft or by other such mode other than cash, depending upon the suitability of both, Contact Doctor and the consumer.

For claiming refund, the consumer should necessarily have the valid invoice of theinvestigations, so as to be able to get the refund.